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cars The most relaxing day of the week
by Maltandbagels
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( on Nov 20, 2005 04:04:13 PM

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For some reason smoking cars on the road are not good for picking up chicks huh? Who knew...
PART ONE my fucking car...
Well my car is leaking water. From where, I had no clue. At first glance it seemed that it was from a water hose coming from the radiator. This was last night but it was dark so I could not make it out too well. I turned it on this morning and checked it seems to be coming from the water pump. I decided to let my brother in law check it out. It ended up becoming a lecture in car repair and upkeep. In the end I had to take the bus to work. I was a good 30 minutes late. My manager let me have it rather well. I guess he expects a lot from me. Fuck that...

PART TWO the hell of the DMV
I needed to get to the DMV to register this fould demon. I only worked for about an hour and a half. I had called my friend earlier since he had a ride. I had a good 3 hours to get back to work. I went to the bank to take out some scratch but forgot the papers for the DMV. We ended up having to go back to work to get them back. After loosing our way along the road to the DMV building we finally made it after killing a good half hour searching for it. I was only to be dropped off. I went in there and contemplated a huge slaughter during my two hours of waiting. I did my dues and headed out. Man place is the dullest area with the most people capacity in the world.

PART THREE the little odd part in between
So I head out from the DMV place and I am lost since it was my first time there and all. I go around the building in order to find my way out of there. I end up walking about five blocks down a road I have vaguely heard from somewhere or another and make it to the street to take me back to work. At this point I had little time to make it back before I was late. Oh wait! I was already late. I wait at the bus stop and it comes. It did not take that long either it is just that it turned off the road to work two blocks later! I ended up heading back home. It was closer at this point anyway. I thought that someone would be there or at least be next door to take me back to work. Nobody was there or at home. I was assed out. Taking the bus at this point was out of the question. I would just make it in time to get fired. I got a big ass bottle of water and dumped it into the car and drove like hell back to work before it drained out.

PART FOUR heading home and heading back to go home once again...
Work was a bliss inducing chain or crap. It got all fucking busy and shit. I was worn out afterwards but I had to get home. I juiced up my car once more and headed home. In my sheer panic that the water would not drain out I forgot my backpack at work. I needed that thing for my finals coming up tomorrow. Good time was made on the way home. Once I stepped in the door I remembered that I had forgotten my back pack. I let out a growl. Literally... The water bottles were overflowing when I noticed one of my wheels was going flat. All I could let out at that point was "beautiful, this is just beautiful." I gave my thirsty car more water and headed to the gas station where. It seems that you have to buy stuff to get change to use a machine that pumps out air for the tires that is part of the damn gas station! I got some fucking gum and pumped my car up and went on my way. I only nearly killed myself in a crash about two times along the way. Any more and it may just have been a regular drive. I snatched my backpack but my manager got me on the way out. It seems I had made some errors during the day. I had to explain myself while I had my car leaking water and still running on the outside. I thought getting the pack would take seconds. That took a good 45 minutes. I spilled a lot of water this time. I was speeding like fuck on the way back home. By this point I was out of water and the car was heating up not to mention low on gas. I made it home just as the needle was about to poke my eye out. I got home. Dead car but eh... Yep 88 Stanzas are classy. end...

Please disregard the next text...

Hey there. Good link no? Well this is the beginning. It does not end here. I want this to be a little thing you know. Like to let you know how much I have affected you. But first I guess I should pay my cat a visit. Maybe even say a few words to him no? What do think?

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