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work It is confirmed, I work for idiots!
by AloneInAZ
gfd messages
( on Dec 22, 2009 05:22:03 PM

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I have worked at this company for over 10 years and they are preparing to FUCK me!
So, I have worked here for over ten years and the department I am in is soon to go away. I have asked my manager and his boss what I will be doing. All I get is the big "I don't know"! So I am currently looking for another job so I don't have to give them the opportunity to fuck me over. What they don't realize is that I have many marketable skills that will land me another good job, even in this market. Another thing none of these crackheads realize is that there are several very technical tasks that I do that they will continue to need even after my department goes away...and that I am the only person in their ass backward company that knows how to do them! You can see where this is going. It seems my manager is the only one that somewhat understands this and has been asking me to write documentation, train others on these tasks...ARE THEY HIGH?! I will take that shit with me when I go and I will fully FIST THAT PLACE IN THE ASS!! If they don't have their shit together enough to know about this, it's their fucking problem. To top it all off, I have so much vacation time saved up they will have to pay me for, it will offset their fucking profits! The idiots deserve all they get!! THEY CAN PACK IT FULLY AND TIGHTLY ALL THE WAY UP THEIR ASSES!!!

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